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So how do brand manufacturers go about selecting the right packaging material? How can packaging trigger emotions with consumers? And what role does environmental awareness play here? Lars Scheidweiler, Head of Packaging Solutions at Sappi, and Olaf Hartmann, Managing Director of the Multisense Institute for Sensory Marketing, will discuss this in the upcoming episode of the Blue Couch Series. Among other things, Hartmann will report on an interesting experiment that illustrates the impact various surface structures have on consumer behaviour.
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The demand for environmentally friendly packaging continues to grow. How do brand owners make the switch to flexible packaging that is recyclable? What needs to be considered? How can the issue of recycling be advanced? And why does Europe still need to catch up on topics such as “defining recyclability” and “test methods”? Find the answers in the new episode of Sappi's Blue Couch Series on 22 February.
The moderated programme offers an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes of the paper industry and at a leading player in the market where guests discuss about new products, innovations, sustainability and much more.
At Sappi, we work with leading brands across the globe to develop renewable resource-based solutions to their sustainability challenges.
Let’s turn sustainability promises into sustained action.
Sappi has partnered with Birla Cellulose, one of the leading viscose manufacturers in the textile value chain, to provide a forest-to-garment traceability solution for brand owners.
The internal Technical Innovation Awards (TIA) underscore our view that innovation is not an end in itself, but an integral aspect of our business. It’s a way of operating that provides sustainable, competitive advantages and ensures we grow, flourish, and progress.
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